What is architecture?

Architecture is an expression of these things: life, heart, spirituality, unity, light, structure, rhythm, sensuality, peace, beauty, playfulness and joyousness.

Architecture is functionality unified into form and space.

It is a reflection of our soul, our connection to heaven and earth.

In architecture, we see who we are.

In public buildings and public places, architecture reflects the society; in private homes, it reflects the individual self.

Mission Statement

I believe it is essential to understand and synthesize the core essence, history, meaning, symbolism, needs and desires of each individual client.

The architect must be sensitive to the unique environment of each project site, in order to create a structure that is in harmony with nature and man.

The most satisfying projects are those that have been designed with this unifying concept in mind.


Outstanding Project Award for Multi-Residential Project, 1986
Jennings Apartment Complex,
City of Petaluma

Certificate of Merit Award, 1988
Remodeling/Addition of a Historical Building,
City of Santa Rosa

Certificate of Merit Award, 2004
Remodeling/Addition of a Art Deco Office Building,
City of Santa Rosa

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